New Season, New Beginning

Twas the night before Monday, when all through H-town,
Not a fan could sit still, anticipating many touchdowns;
The Houston Texans crowd waiting to cheer,
In hopes that 2013 would be their team's year.
Monday Night Football would host the first game,
Where the Texans would prove this season would not be the same.

Game 1 - @ San Diego Chargers - Win 31-28

On the road in San Diego would begin this year's fight.
I'd take Schaub over Rivers any day, right?
Houston wins the coin toss, what a great way to start;
Then the first play of the game comes with a major brain fart.
Schaub's pass is intercepted, that made me sick,
Rivers immediately throws a touchdown, and the Texans are down quick.

The Chargers are way up and I feel like I'm gonna yack,
But this great Texans team makes a huge comeback.
They make a game-winning field goal, right at the end.
Man, that was ugly, but a win is a win.

Game 2 - vs Tennessee Titans - Win 30-24

Now at Reliant, facing Tennessee,
A division rival, in the south AFC.
Matt Shaub is cooking, just like Betty Crocker.
What kind of loser is named Jake Locker?
Back and forth with the Titans, we're still in the mix;
But there goes Shaub, throwing a pick six.

We tie it all up, Foster is sublime.
Time to finish the job in overtime.
A touchdown to seal it, the Titans retreated.
Don't look now, but we're undefeated.